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I really wish that more people I follow on Twitter had Mastodon accounts...

Also, just swapped from Mast to Toot! on my phone - so far I'm very impressed!

Just updated mastodon to 3.1.5 - think that I'm a bit behind... 🤔

I actually feel stuff happening! Both emotionally and physically! OMG

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Can't really say that I feel anything yet, which seems strange to me. I mean, I'm basically redecorating my hormone getup.

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Started my HRT today! Couldn't be a happier girl right now! Now let them bad side-effects hit me hard 😂

Wish more people from Twitter could sign up on Mastodon - I want to follow more amazing people!

Thinking about setting up some sort of sync between here and bird site, so stuff I post on one will be copied the the other but.. Nah.

Wish list: Mastodon clients for Mac and iOS with reading position sync across platforms.
Still hoping for native apps from Iconfactory in the same spirit as Phoenix for the bird site 👍

Wishing everyone I follow on the bird site could migrate here.

Great bowling practice today! Three games, all above 190 for once ✌️ Happy girl ^^

Considering rebranding my random blog to a tech-tip blog. Don't know what's going on in my mind 😀

Finally weekend - a chance to relax... and reinstall my laptop which was utterly botched by upgrading to Mojave 😕

Anyhow, bowled this weekend, averaged 198.12 overall. Happy! 🎳

Guess I should be more active here, the question is where to find time for that 🤔

Holy crap. Malware hidden in a strand of DNA hijacks the computer that analyzes that particular gene sequence.

We're going to live in a very weird world man.

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